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Confluence - Enabling the html-include Macro

By default, the HTML macros are disabled. You should only turn on these macros if you trust all your users not to attempt to exploit them.

(info) You need to have System Administrator permissions in order to perform this function. 
To enable the HTML macros,
  1. Choose Browse > Confluence Admin.
  2. Select 'Plugins' in the left-hand panel. This will display the installed plugins active for this Confluence installation.
  3. Click' 'HTML macros', then click 'Enable Plugin'.

To embed an external page,
Use the following syntax:

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Confluence Plugin - Business Dictionary (BuDict)

BuDict is used for displaying an information bubble above selected words in Confluence. The information bubble is displayed only when the mouse cursor is over the word, as shown in the next picture. This bubble includes an explanation or other specified text for the marked words (investment).

Budict manual 4.0 EN


Upgrading Confluence on Linux

  1. Download the appropriate Confluence 'Linux 64-bit / 32-bit Installer' (.bin) file that suits your operating system (for the new version of Confluence) from the Confluence Download Center.
  2. Open a Linux console and change directory (cd) to the '.bin' file's directory.
    If the '.bin' file is not executable after downloading it, make it executable, for example:
    chmod a+x atlassian-confluence-X.Y.bin
    (where X.Y represents your version of Confluence)
  3. Execute the '.bin' file to start the upgrade wizard.
  4. When prompted to choose between creating a new Confluence installation or upgrading an existing installation, choose the 'Upgrade an existing Confluence installation' option.

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El Altı Notları

Çok unutkan oldum bugünlerde herşeyi unutuyorum ne yapmak lazım bu durumda herşeyi yazmak lazım :)

1. Connect Server with SSH (Mac/Linux)
Copy .PEM file to the machine from which you are going to connect.
Make sure permissions on .PEM file are appropriate (chmod 600 file.pem)
Connect with ssh command: ssh vcloud@ipaddress –i privkey.pem

2. Find Folder Command in Linux

find / -name 'httpdocs' -type d

3. Zip a Folder in Linux

zip -9 -r zip file folder name

4. Delete Non-empty Folder in Linux

rm -rf folder/

5. Creates new JAR (Java Archive) file named Project1.jar, compresses and stores Project1 directory and all its contents (including both data files and subdirectories).

jar cf Project1.jar Project1

6. Jar file in Linux

jar xf

7. How to Unzip Over an Existing Directory in Linux

Read more: How to Unzip Over an Existing Directory in Linux

unzip -o filename.zip -d dir

8. If it’s available a ssh access on the servers, using scp to transfer file from and to the server could be a very good option.

scp /localdir/localfilename.txt remoteuser@www.remotehost.com:/remotedir/remotefilename.txt

9. Wget is one of the powerful tools available there to download stuff from internet. You can do a lot of things using wget. Basic use is to download files from internet.

wget -c http://your-link-to/file

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JIRA Workflow Sharing Plugin

The JIRA Workflow Sharing Plugin enables sharing of workflows across JIRA instances.

The plugin allows JIRA administrators to export or import workflows in a zipped "workflow bundle" format.

Exported workflow bundles can be shared with any JIRA instance with little or no manual setup required.

JIRA Workflow Sharing Plugin

JIRA: Is it possible to set issue assignee based on "Issue Type" automatically?

Create separate workflows for each issueType.
Create a workflow scheme for your project mapping those workflows to the specific issueTypes.
Then (in the workflows) using the stock post function "Update Issue Field", set your Assignee field to the desired user for each individual issue type in the "Create" transition.

3 things to note: 1.) To get to the "Create" transition, click on the "Open" step and "Create" should be one of the Incoming Transitions. 2.) When adding the post function, be sure to place it after the "creates issue originally" function or you will get some nasty errors. 3.) Be sure to delete the post function "Assign the issue to the reporter" otherwise your issue will get re-routed to the reporter.